Future Simple

Talking about things we will do in the future can be done several ways. Here, we will talk about using the future simple tense. To form this tense, you will need to use the helping verb will.

subject will (not) + base verb

will (not) subject + base verb ?

(will not = won't)

I will call my mother when I get home.

She will not go to the conference next week.

or She won't go to the conference next week.

Will the company file for bankruptcy by the end of the year?

The future simple tense is also used to make promises, to make predictions, to make decisions, to give orders, and to make requests.

Making promises

"You will get a raise as soon as this project is completed."

"I will organize my desk after work on Friday."

Making predictions

"Our stock prices will fall by the end of the month."

"The company's revenue will increase by 20% next quarter."

Making decisions

"I will have the grilled salmon and broccoli."

"I will send this email first, then I'll call the client."

Giving orders

"Dana, you will work on Friday and Saturday and Martha, you will work on Sunday and Monday."

Making requests

"Cindy, will you help me with this problem I'm having?"

The future simple with shall

Although not commonly used in the US, you can also form the future simple with shall. When using shall to form the future simple, the pattern is the same.

subject shall (not) + base verb

With shall, the future simple can be used to make and offer or suggestion.

Making an offer

When using shall to make an offer, the format is shall + I. You cannot make an offer for someone else using shall.

"Shall I open the door for you?"

"Shall I carry those boxes for you?"

"Shall I finish this report?"

Making a suggestion

When using shall to make an offer, the format is shall + we.

"Shall we dance?"

"Shall we go to lunch now?"

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