What are you doing? (Present Progressive)

The present progressive tense is one that has two main purposes. You can use it to say what you are doing right now. It answers the question, "What are you doing?" You can also use the present progressive tense to say what you will be doing in the future. It answers the question, "What are you doing later?"

Here's how it works:

to be + verb-ing

I am working. You are typing. He is singing. She is working. We are talking. They are dancing.

Am I working? Are you typing? Is he singing? Is she working? Are we talking? Are they dancing?

Jane: Hi Lisa. Do you want to go to lunch? Lisa: I'm sorry. I can't. Jane: Why not? What are you doing? Lisa: I'm working on a report for Mr.Jensen. Jane: Oh okay. Do you want to go later? Lisa: Sorry again, Jane. Later, I'm meeting with Mr. Jensen to talk about the report. Jane: Are you meeting with Mr. Jensen all afternoon? Lisa: Unfortunately, yes. Jane: Okay, no problem. What are you doing for lunch tomorrow? Lisa: Tomorrow, I'm free. Jane: Cool. Let's have lunch together tomorrow. Good luck in your meeting with Mr. Jensen. Lisa: Thanks!

In this dialog, Lisa used the present progressive tense to describe her current and future actions. She is writing a report now and later she will be meeting with Mr. Jensen.

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