Saying and Writing Dates

The first three letters of the months and days are often used as the abbreviation.

Months of the Year

1 January (Jan)

2 February (Feb)

3 March (Mar)

4 April (Apr)

5 May (May)

6 June (Jun)

7 July (Jul)

8 August (Aug)

9 September (Sep)

10 October (Oct)

11 November (Nov)

12 December (Dec)

The Days of the Week

Sunday (Sun)

Monday (Mon)

Tuesday (Tue)

Wednesday (Wed)

Thursday (Thu)

Friday (Fri)

Saturday (Sat)

How to write the date

Each country has its own method of recording the date. The month can be spelled out completely or written in abbreviated form. Here are a few examples using November 9th in the year 2017.

US - mm/dd/yyyy - 11/9/2017 or November 9, 2017 UK - dd/mm/yyyy - 9/9/2017 or 9 Nov 2017 Japan - yyyy/mm/dd - 2017/11/9 or 2017 Nov 9

How to include dates in your conversation

on + day

in + month

in + year

Today is Thursday, January 15, 2015. Tomorrow is Friday the 16th. Yesterday was the 14th. Tuesday was January 13th.

I'm moving into my new house on Monday. My brother will graduate from his university in June. Mr. Jenkins founded his company in 1972.

My friends and I are going to the movies tomorrow. I'm going to Tokyo for business the day after tomorrow. (two days after today) We went to a new restaurant for lunch yesterday, but we didn't like it. I met your CEO in a meeting the day before yesterday. (two days before today) We'll see each other again in three days. (three days after today) John gave me an update on his project three days ago. (three days before today) Melissa started taking dance lessons the week before last. (two weeks before this week) Henry will start his new position in three weeks. (three weeks after this week)

How to pronounce years

1492 - fourteen ninety-two 1605 - sixteen "oh" five 1985 - nineteen eighty-five 1800 - eighteen hundred 2000 - two thousand 2001 - two thousand one 2005 - two thousand five 2010 - two thousand ten/twenty ten 2016 - two thousand sixteen/twenty sixteen

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