Making Suggestions

Here are some useful phrases for making suggestions at work.

I suggest...

"I suggest Mr. Jordan go to the conference this year since he missed it last year."

"I suggest that you find someone to replace Addison immediately."

I recommend...

"I recommend we not buy stock in this company at this time."

"I recommend moving the company to a more visible location."


"Let's go to Disney World for our vacation this year." "Let's talk about this tomorrow."

You (someone) could...

"You could call him first thing in the morning."

"We could leave now so that we can beat the traffic."

If I were you, I'd...

"If I were you, I'd call that lead now before someone else does."

"If I were you, I'd have this project finished by no later than Friday."

How about...?

"How about letting Joan in on our project plans. We could use her help."

"How about putting Peter in charge of this project? He did such a great job last time."

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