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Online English Lessons: Private Lessons

Here's what your private learning experience includes:

  • An instructor-led online lesson with a native English speaker.

  • Full immersion with each lesson. All lessons will be conducted in English at a level and pace easy enough for you to understand yet challenging enough to help you become more proficient.

  • A personalized lesson plan designed to meet your specific language learning needs and goals. When you start, you will receive a clear, written plan of action so you will know what to expect in each lesson.

  • Periodic assessments to check for understanding and ability.


General English Lessons include instruction in standard English as well as common usage, colloquialisms, expressions, and idioms. You will also learn how to function in everyday situations such as opening a bank account, going shopping, handling trips to the doctor, and making new friends, among other things.

Business English Lessons include instruction in communicating in general business situations such as meeting with clients, interacting with English-speaking colleagues, making small talk during business socials, and giving updates on projects and assignments. These lessons also provide you with insight into the business culture of English-speaking environments.

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All lessons are tailored to your specific needs and include language useful in formal, less-formal, and casual situations. You will learn relevant vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. You will be given useful corrections and feedback in every lesson and tips for how to practice and prepare for your next lesson.

You do not need to purchase a textbook for any lesson.


All lessons require interactive learning. Your learning successes will come from your ability to produce the target language rather than your ability to complete a chapter or unit in a book.

Learning English isn’t just getting you to memorize vocabulary and phrases — it’s about providing you with the tools you need in order to think critically and independently for total success.

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I believe that successful learning changes habits and ultimately improves your quality of life. Since 1998, I have been providing learners with lessons and trainings and have helped all of them reach their potential. You could be next.

5 Lessons for $225
10 Lessons for $405 (10% off)
20 Lessons for $765 (15% off)