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Group Lessons

Join me on Friday for a FREE 45-minute group English lesson via ZOOM. You will learn General English AND Business English in a relaxed setting. The class size is smaller so that EVERYONE will have the chance to speak. You will learn and practice new vocabulary, grammar, make small talk and more! Plus, you will enjoy fun and engaging speaking activities!

- This class is for adults ages 18 and over

- ONE person per login, please!

Space is limited so you must reserve your spot before it's too late!

English Fridays with Yvette (Beginners)

English Fridays with Yvette (INT/ADV)

This is for beginners ONLY.

This group is NOT for Intermediate or advanced learners

This group is for intermediate to advanced English language learners ONLY.

This groups is NOT for beginners or learners who need instruction in basic grammatical constructs.

Class Schedule

There is no cancellation fee for free lessons, but if you reserve a lesson that you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation so that someone else can use the time slot.


Do you use Duolingo? Find me on Duolingo Events. I host free "English Fridays with Yvette" group lessons there, too!

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