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EBE Skills
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Advance your Business English to increase your chances of promotion, build stronger relationships, and speak with confidence when conducting business internationally by taking an EBE Skills course.

EBE Skills are private courses created to help upper intermediate and advanced learners become proficient in targeted business skills. These lessons are intensive and require dedication.

By the end of each EBE Skills course:

  • You will have more confidence.

  • Your English level will improve.

  • You will have the tools you need to use your new English skills in a real-world setting.

These courses are for:

  • Upper intermediate to advanced English language learners

  • Business women and men who use English at work

  • Executive learners who need to communicate with their teams

These courses are NOT for:

  • Beginner and low intermediate English language learners

  • Casual learners

  • Learners who need instruction in basic grammatical constructs*

*For lessons that include basic English grammar and sentence structure, please select an option from the Private English Lessons category.

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